When in doubt, go to the library


One of my favorite things about my [day] job is how it inspires my artwork. From maps, to printmaking techniques, to nature studies, they all manage to work their way into my pieces somehow. I am especially lucky when I can be creative at work. One of my jobs is managing our collections-based social media with my colleague and work-wife Arielle Middleman. Together we took a GIF workshop so we can bring some of our collections to life. Now we can do all sorts of fun things, and I hope animation makes it way into my creative digital life more in the future. I suggest to all, do as Hermione does, you might even find a monster book of monsters.

I first learned about the manticore as a kid, when I was obsessed with The Last Unicorn (think 1970s anime of the Hobbit era). I also think that movie influenced my drawing (all that intertwining and wild hair). Anyway, a manticore is a ancient monster said to be a head of man, body of a lion and tail of a scorpion. This illustration also shows that the manticore was a regular at his local barber.

Topsel, Edward. The history of four-footed beasts and serpants… . London : Printed by E. Cotes for G. Sawbridge .. T. Williams .. and T. Johnson .., 1658. 


Ephemera! extended & online!


Hello hello,

Fantastic news everyone, FANTASTIC. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society’s EPHEMERA! exhibit has been extended!! What’s that you say? You haven’t been to see it yet? Well now you have through FEB 18TH, 2014 to take a gander of the wonder that is our show. Need further enticement? Well, click no further than this link: http://www.librarycompany.org/cartoonist and feast your eyes on the online exhibit!

Remember folks, the majority of this visual delight is for sale!! Any interest feel free to contact me.

Big thanks to the Library Company of Philadelphia, the Ephemera Society of America and the general positive response we’ve been getting.

The Library Company of Philadelphia
1314 Locust Street
Open M-F, 9am-445pm

Street Trade

cb-streetHello folks! Now that the Ephemera! show is on display, I wanted to share one of my pieces. This one, entitled Street Trade, is inspired by a Philadelphia Business Directory from 1851. These directories were a pictorial representation of businesses on a particular street. The prints show the storefronts and business details on the back. I wish we (as a culture) still made stuff like this!! The 18th and particularly the 19th centuries are saturated with visual culture. Every day I find something new and amazing be inspired by – if you are in Philly, you should come by and check out the show. Also, the work is for sale! (The piece above is sold, but there is a lot more amazing art by amazing artists from the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society in the show.)

lam1851rea-2975-q-5-3Plate 5 in Julio Rae, Rae’s Philadelphia Pictorial Directory & Panoramic Advertiser. Philadelphia, Julio Rae, 1851.

The Library Company of Philadelphia
1314 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Open M-F; 9AM-445PM