a sign of the time

See the signs

I am beginning a new body of work that will be a branch of Boom Town, but smaller pieces that might turn into affordable reproductions!  My work is evolving slowly, but I am really liking these 5 x 7 pieces. The real goal is to be consistent about creating and finishing work I’ve started regardless of how I might feel about it during the process.  Smaller work makes that a little easier, it also makes me feel freer to experiment with new ideas.

This new body of work means a website re-vamp, and hopefully an online store of originals and/or prints in the near future.





The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is showing at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville, New Jersey. I will have no less than EIGHT new pieces in the show and will be in the fine company of my fellow PCS members. Above is one of my new pieces.

If you can make it, please join us tomorrow for our opening reception :

PCS takes Millville!  // 6PM – 9PM // Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts // N High Street // Millville, NJ 08332

There will be refreshments and merchandise available at the opening. Hope to see you there!! Also, big thanks to Kyle Margiotta for spearheading this exhibit.


FUTURE HISTORY – Opening Tomorrow!!


Hello hello! I know I haven’t posted here in a while, but I have indeed been a busy bee making art for FUTURE HISTORY that opens TOMORROW at The Art Dept. in Fishtown. I will be showing alongside the talented Stefanie Fuoco. For more info check out the flyer below. I hope to see you there!!

PS above is one of my mini cities –
Gouache and Pentel Brush Pen on Panel



Hello! Above you’ll find BT-Smoke from the Boom Town show (closing this Wednesday) at the Last Drop Coffee House.

I know, I know, I promised more frequent posts. What happened to January anyway?

What artists should learn from showing in exhibits, is to listen to and watch people at the openings. At my reception, I learned what folk gravitated toward the most, what elements of my pieces struck them, and what price point was an upward limit. Being December, and being a coffee shop, I did not expect to sell the more expensive pieces, but that is why I had a range of price points. This is all stuff I learned over time and pricing is still something I struggle with.

Gouache on Panel

BT Blue


Happy New Year folks! Boom Town is still up through February 5th, So, if you haven’t made it yet, there is still time! Boom Town Blue was the first painting I made for the show! You can see the popular birdy in one of the signs.

BT Blue
11×14 Goauche and Pentel Brush Pen on paper, Framed.

BT Purple


More from Boom Town! Eventually, I will take some good photos of the work installed at the Last Drop. I’m not super creative with titles, so I just called this BT Purple for it’s dominant color and difference from the others (in a set of 3, being yellow and blue). I really love the brightness of this guy.

All the work is for sale! So I am listing prices if they haven’t sold. If you are interested give me a shout. 🙂

BT Purple
11×14 Gouache and Pentel Brush Pen on Paper, framed.
from Boom Town

Dark City


After a lot of bright colors and black outlines, I wanted to mix it up with a dark background. I call this Dark City, but the paint really stands out. It also has a velvety look that I was not expecting. I also see a bit of Howl’s Moving Castle creeping in there. Painting with the white outline was a bit harder for me than the brush pen – but practice makes perfect as they say!

Dark City
from Boom Town (Open Now!)
Gouache on 12×12 Masonite Panel

Billy Buttons

Recently, I was given the opportunity to create a piece commissioned as a first anniversary gift for my friend, Lauren. The piece is centered on Billy Buttons, her favorite flower, which were abundant at her wedding. Being my first commission ever, I was quite nervous. My ideas for this piece underwent many iterations beginning with something cartoony and resulting in something a little more realistic. The piece is a mixture of gouache and micron pen. I had a lot of fun with the little details in the foreground, and big ups to Ray for giving me this opportunity, happy anniversary you two!