Adventure is out there!


Have I said how great my hosts were in Scotland? Probably, but I want to say it again. My long-time friends Alex and Dave have always brought a sense of adventure (misadventure? ha!) to our trips together. I’ve known Dave for just about 10 years now – cannot believe that – and Alex for just a few years shorter than that. They are some of the best people I know. Above Dave is peeking into the Horcrux Cave on Staffa, and below is the quintessential “adventure is out there” pose on a ferry with Shawn.





Continuing the story of the Three Isle Tour, I wanted to post some color! The sky was so breathtakingly blue. We woke up that morning thinking we were going to be both wet and chilled, because you know, Scotland happens, but the weather couldn’t have been better. I think with the water and sky combined, the views we saw that day were some of my favorite views I have EVER┬áseen.

To the left is a small island with an estate/castle (I think) and to the right Alex and Dave are being themselves on the beach of Iona.

Long time, no see!


Hello hello hello!
I have totally dropped the ball and failed to post for far too long. This does not mean I haven’t been up to fun and creative things, but I hope to be posting more regularly starting NOW. What is better than starting off with a trip? I just got back from SCOTLAND and have lots of photos to share, and lots of drawings in my head yet to hit the page. Above is an Instax of me in front of Edinburgh Castle, and below is Shawn (left), with our wonderful hosts, Dave & Alex (right, center), in Pollock Park. Much more to come, so pleased stay tuned.

Also, I post a lot on my Artist Page on Facebook – many works in progress or quick drawings.




In honor of the first day of Summer, I give you Spring in Kanazawa! Commence cherry blossoms. This was the first day we had a lot of sunshine in Japan, and I took advantage with my Fuji Instax. We only had one day to explore, and in that day we toured a castle and strolled through a breathtaking garden, which being at a high point, gave beautiful view of the city.


Year of the Snake


Tadah! A splash of color! For anything in color I used my Fuji Instax Wide camera. I totally love it, especially because it can take macro pictures (with an attachment). I am still getting used to it (as I am with both my rangefinders), but I am happy with the not so perfect quality of them. It is hard to be a perfectionist with instant film.

This photo shows prayers relating to the year of the snake, which is an animal of the Chinese zodiac, also observed in Japan at Shinto shrines. I thought they were beautiful.