Hydepark and a new look


2015-05-07-hydepark-001When in London last year we took a walk in Hydepark and came across a lot of official looking horses running in formation, riders too, but I focused on the horses. I was lucky to get a couple shots, and they are some of my favorites from the trip.

In other news, cmbarbera.wordpress.com has a new look! I thought this was a more intuitive way to access my portfolio, and I love the simplicity. You can find this image and more from the UK trip altogether now here. More soon…


Quacks and Quackery


My library life has injected itself in most things I see and do now. One recent development is applying descriptive terms to everyday life. Unlocked a new level of nerd? FTW! These are the true quacks. Do not take their medical advice, but you can be their friend. [Shot in Pollock Park, Glasgow, Scotland]

Long time, no see!


Hello hello hello!
I have totally dropped the ball and failed to post for far too long. This does not mean I haven’t been up to fun and creative things, but I hope to be posting more regularly starting NOW. What is better than starting off with a trip? I just got back from SCOTLAND and have lots of photos to share, and lots of drawings in my head yet to hit the page. Above is an Instax of me in front of Edinburgh Castle, and below is Shawn (left), with our wonderful hosts, Dave & Alex (right, center), in Pollock Park. Much more to come, so pleased stay tuned.

Also, I post a lot on my Artist Page on Facebook – many works in progress or quick drawings.


Elevated track

Taipei has a mostly elevated tracks running through the city, which gives tourists like me to take in a lot of scenery when trying to get somewhere quickly. I sometimes felt like I was in a theme park when I saw the trains go by. The train system is super clean and safe as well. I think the States could learn a lot from Taiwanese and Japanese rail systems. The above is a view from the station closest to my temporary home.

Jiufen Temple


This was shot on “The Day of the False Weather Report” (more on that soon). I took this in the vertical town of Jiufen, which overlooks the East China Sea on a clear day, but we were accosted by the Jiufen Mist that day. It was eerie. It was also amazingly beautiful in its way. Atmospheric you might say… You can see some digital photos of Jiufen on my Flickr page. The above picture a detail of a Confucian Temple roof.

Embracing imperfection

As with my Japan trip, I brought 2 film cameras to Taipei. This time I chose to bring my Lomo Diana because it weighs so much less than my Fuji GF670. However, for lighter weight, I traded sharpness for soft focus, and risks of light leaks among other things. I think next time I’ll opt for a heavier load, but for now I am embracing imperfection! Plus this is what hipstamatic people strive for right? Lomography is a big part of that movement.

Above is a long exposure of the view from the balcony of the apartment where I stayed. I love how from almost any vantage point in Taipei some sort of mountain is visible.