What I Wore July 25, 2014


I know I know. It has been FOREVER since I posted anything, and you know what? It’s a crying shame. I have lots to share from my last show, Future History, and hopefully will be able to update on other happenings soon. For now though, let’s get back into it with a good old What I Wore Today. Sometimes when you are feeling rusty or out of the loop, draw what you see, and I saw me. Enjoy!


The Day of the False Weather Report

OR What I Wore February 18, 2014 OR Taipei Sketchbook #4.

I mentioned this day trip to Jiufen with a photo of a Confucian Temple. Well, this was a day that promised sunny skies and mild temperatures so we dressed the part. When we arrived however, the town was heavy with fog that slowly crept from the lowlands up the mountain. In fact, my lovely host Lauren and I were sharing some traditional tea as the fog began to permeate all of our surroundings (it made its way inside the building!). I affectionately called it the Jiufen Mist. I felt it lent the proper atmosphere that inspired the market town in the spirit world of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (one of my favorite films). Although, I would have loved to see the ocean views from this historical town, I will never forget this experience. Beware the Jiufen Mist!

The above, I sketched in Taipei, but colored in Photoshop.

Taipei Sketchbook #3


On the first really nice day I had in Taipei, I went for a hike up Elephant Mountain with my lovely host, Lauren. We were hilariously out of shape, but determined and made it to the top fairly quickly. To celebrate our success we had a picnic sushi lunch and beer promptly undoing all our hard work. Side note: pork floss is a weird idea, especially in sushi.

After the mountain we stopped by the Simple Market, which is a sort of indie craft and arts market (defo my thing). I also found an adorable cat that the owners graciously let me photograph. You can peek him above.

Taipei Sketchbook #1

Well, technically this is number two. I drew a WIWT first on the day I went to the airport, but you might have already saw that on my artist page, or my regular Facebook, so I will save it for a little later…

So… TAIPEI! I went for two weeks to visit close friends of mine, it was awesome.

I find that I try too hard in sketchbooks. They should be fun, and mistakes make sense. My good friend Patch says sketchbooks are like an art gym where you build strength. I took a different approach with this trip and decided to just draw random doodles relating to things I saw or things that happened including funny stories, weird foods, and beautiful sites. It was a lot less pressure than trying to draw a beautifully detailed landscape. It felt more like a journal this time. I take a lot of this inspiration from my friends in the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society as well as cartoonists like Gemma Correll and Tom Gauld (I like labeling things!!). Anyway, I am rambling.

Above is a drawing inside an independent coffee shop I found.

BT Machine – purple


What is a Boom Town without machines? I painted this piece in reference to my Drifting Parade show in 2012.

BT Machine Purple
8X10 Gouache and Pentel Brush Pen on Panel

Remember if you haven’t seen the show yet, it is up through February 5th at the Last Drop Coffee House!!