Similar to my post yesterday, but I love the expression of the moment captured in this one.

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The Notorious Foot

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to photograph an examination of an antique secretary supposedly belonging to William Penn. We watched in amazement while UK Furniture expert, Adam Bowett, basically gave us the life and times of this desk (how it was used, and how it changed over time). What initiated the exploration was a foot, a single foot, that was found at the Germantown Historical Society, and thought to be one of the originals belonging to the secretary. Who would have thought that a single foot could change our perception so much!?

We now know the desk was made between 1710 and 1730, in England, and still could have belonged to Penn, late in his life. Above, Bowett examines a desk drawer.

To see the desk in person, stop by the Library Company of Philadelphia. 1314 Locust Street, Mon – Fri 9am-4:45pm.