Glasgow grit in greyscale


The view from on top of the Lighthouse is pretty great. Glasgow has an urban grit that I’ve heard many compare to Philly. Do you think they are right?


Embracing imperfection

As with my Japan trip, I brought 2 film cameras to Taipei. This time I chose to bring my Lomo Diana because it weighs so much less than my Fuji GF670. However, for lighter weight, I traded sharpness for soft focus, and risks of light leaks among other things. I think next time I’ll opt for a heavier load, but for now I am embracing imperfection! Plus this is what hipstamatic people strive for right? Lomography is a big part of that movement.

Above is a long exposure of the view from the balcony of the apartment where I stayed. I love how from almost any vantage point in Taipei some sort of mountain is visible.

benefit of jet lag

takayame 6am

Jet lag is not usually a good thing, but while in Japan, I was waking up around or before 6 each morning. Ridiculous I know, but it gave me time to draw. Our hotel in Takayama had hot springs baths on their top floor as well as a beautiful view of the town. I spent a few hours drawing the view from the window. Above is what I was able to draw in a few hours with some of the trees added later. BTW that hotel was the BEST.