The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is showing at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville, New Jersey. I will have no less than EIGHT new pieces in the show and will be in the fine company of my fellow PCS members. Above is one of my new pieces.

If you can make it, please join us tomorrow for our opening reception :

PCS takes Millville!  // 6PM – 9PM // Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts // N High Street // Millville, NJ 08332

There will be refreshments and merchandise available at the opening. Hope to see you there!! Also, big thanks to Kyle Margiotta for spearheading this exhibit.



Taipei Sketchbook #1

Well, technically this is number two. I drew a WIWT first on the day I went to the airport, but you might have already saw that on my artist page, or my regular Facebook, so I will save it for a little later…

So… TAIPEI! I went for two weeks to visit close friends of mine, it was awesome.

I find that I try too hard in sketchbooks. They should be fun, and mistakes make sense. My good friend Patch says sketchbooks are like an art gym where you build strength. I took a different approach with this trip and decided to just draw random doodles relating to things I saw or things that happened including funny stories, weird foods, and beautiful sites. It was a lot less pressure than trying to draw a beautifully detailed landscape. It felt more like a journal this time. I take a lot of this inspiration from my friends in the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society as well as cartoonists like Gemma Correll and Tom Gauld (I like labeling things!!). Anyway, I am rambling.

Above is a drawing inside an independent coffee shop I found.

The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society meets the Ephemera Collection


As part of all things ephemera at the Library Company, I was asked to curate a mini-exhibition (with the help of the one and only Christian Patchell!) in collaboration with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. Nine artists will be making work inspired by the Ephemera Collection to be put on display this coming September. To get the creative juices flowing, I invited the artists to draw with the collection, for nothing is better than holding the real thing in your hands! We sketched for two hours, and that was not enough time because it was hard to settle on one or two pieces to work from.

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One thing that sets PCS apart is its love for collaboration. We love to work together and draw together. We influence and support each other creatively. Having the opportunity to draw together at LCP was a great experience, and I expect there will be many return visits.

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What you see here are some photos of PCS’rs doing what they do best as well as some sketches from Christian Patchell, Melissa Lomax, and Kyle Margiotta. Also participating in the show : Jeffro Kilpatrick, Tim Durning, Eamon Dougherty, Christine Larsen, Andrew Hoffman, and myself.

The main ephemera exhibit Remnants of Everyday Life opens May 13th, be sure to stop by and take a gander!! Also you can big thank you to Erika, Rachael, and the Library Company for giving us the this opportunity! We will be posting our progress as the exhibit approaches so be sure to check back!