The simple things


Sometimes shooting quiet evenings produce the most interesting results. These photos give me a very nostalgic feeling.



Elevated track

Taipei has a mostly elevated tracks running through the city, which gives tourists like me to take in a lot of scenery when trying to get somewhere quickly. I sometimes felt like I was in a theme park when I saw the trains go by. The train system is super clean and safe as well. I think the States could learn a lot from Taiwanese and Japanese rail systems. The above is a view from the station closest to my temporary home.

Jiufen Temple


This was shot on “The Day of the False Weather Report” (more on that soon). I took this in the vertical town of Jiufen, which overlooks the East China Sea on a clear day, but we were accosted by the Jiufen Mist that day. It was eerie. It was also amazingly beautiful in its way. Atmospheric you might say… You can see some digital photos of Jiufen on my Flickr page. The above picture a detail of a Confucian Temple roof.

Danshui Fisher

fisher On one of the nicest days I was in Taipei, we went to the town of Danshui (or Tamsui). It is town on the estuary of the Tamsui River, with the East China Sea in the distance. We took a 45 min train ride from Taipei City to the end of the line, it was beautiful. The town was pretty quiet when we arrived. We strolled along the seaside path and ate at a waterfront restaurant. I had a waffles and Corona. Hey, I was on holiday! By the afternoon, Danshui was packed with people, it was kind of insane. Also, I saw a whole fried squid on a stick. Above is a photo of a man and his pup fishing on the waterfront path.

Embracing imperfection

As with my Japan trip, I brought 2 film cameras to Taipei. This time I chose to bring my Lomo Diana because it weighs so much less than my Fuji GF670. However, for lighter weight, I traded sharpness for soft focus, and risks of light leaks among other things. I think next time I’ll opt for a heavier load, but for now I am embracing imperfection! Plus this is what hipstamatic people strive for right? Lomography is a big part of that movement.

Above is a long exposure of the view from the balcony of the apartment where I stayed. I love how from almost any vantage point in Taipei some sort of mountain is visible.



A little over a year ago, I visited Amsterdam with my friends and fellow artists, Eva and Brendan. There, we went wild hiding in plain sight, and I met some more amazing and talented people, including a visit to the studio of Louis Reith, who’s art I fell in love with. Seriously, I need to do more. Above is a photo of one of Amsterdam’s famous canal views.

quiet corner

quiet corner - toronto

Film has that ability to surprise you. I had a couple undeveloped rolls at my house, and after the Japan trip, I finally brought them to the lab. This photo is from a trip to Toronto I took last year in my friend’s apartment. Just taking pictures of what’s around can really turn out to be beautiful, even if it is as simple as a quiet corner.