Glasgow grit in greyscale


The view from on top of the Lighthouse is pretty great. Glasgow has an urban grit that I’ve heard many compare to Philly. Do you think they are right?


I called this Way-fare


The structure of this building (or multiple buildings smushed together) is largely inspired by different barns. If you look closely this barn it fits in with the landscape illustrated in the first map I posted from the series. I called this section of my zine Way-fare.

Tugboat House

Back on the Drifting Parade, I have a bit more to share with everyone! Below is my tugboat house. I decided to try to change styles a bit and pick less ornamental architecture. This is similar to most farm houses around here and of course, the bottom half is based on a tugboat with its smoke stack stretching about the roof of the house.

Micron Pen on Paper. Sold.

Working on a Solo Show

A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to exhibit at Atlantis – The Lost Bar, a pub in Fishtown/Kensington area of Philly. I will have around 20 pieces in the show and this is my very first on my own! I am both excited and terrified. The show opens Friday, September 2nd. Watch this space for more info and progress as the day gets closer! You can find more info on the exhibitions page of this site. woo hoo!

Here is a peek at an idea I already finished: