The Living Book

One thing I love to do is collaborate with creative people on exhibits. For the Library Company’s most recent exhibition, The Living Book : New Perspectives on Form and Function, I was given a chance to stretch my creative muscles and really bring these books to life in the Library’s first film installation on display in the main gallery. In this reel, you’ll see books that transform, books that transport, and books that surprise. It shows that a book is more than something we read, but also a playful object, a record, a tool, or a keepsake.

The Living Book, curated by Jennifer Rosner, Andrea Krupp, and Alice Austin is now open through January 5, 2018 at The Library Company of Philadelphia. To check out more about the exhibit please visit

This film is a collection of stop motion animation and videos I created to highlight rare book materials from The Library Company.


A library gif from me to you

mcm-p-9895-975aRecently at work I have been exploring the power of social media for libraries. My friend and collaborator, Arielle Middleman and I are hoping to bring historic collections to life with our endeavors while having loads of fun experimenting in the process. Above is a GIF I created from a glass plate negative from the Morris Family photograph collection at the Library Company (you should check it out!).

You can read more about the above pic on the LCP Tumblr page or follow them on Instagram too!  Nothing is better than having a chance to be creative at you job.

Bonnie [dog] with ball. [Sea Girt, NJ] by Marriott C. Morris.