The simple things


Sometimes shooting quiet evenings produce the most interesting results. These photos give me a very nostalgic feeling.



This is how we do…

As many of you who follow my ramblings know, I recently collaborated on a very special publication by my close friend Christian Patchell called I Put the Can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures. Tomorrow Patch and I will speaking about collaboration, his experiences leading up to and creating this book, as well as my photographic contributions at the University of the Arts (see below for details). When asked to do the photography, I was both honored and flattered. Patch is by far one of the best and most creative people I know, and this book shows just how much art can make life not only bearable, but awesome.

This Weekend, Get Inspired

Christian Patchell, has long been my very close friend, fellow member of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, and co-conspirator in curating exhibitions. In 2007 he was diagnosed and began treatment for cancer. While undergoing treatment Patch turned to drawing, which helped him through the toughest time in his life. This Saturday, Patch will be signing his fantastically illustrated memoir, I Put the Can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures at Nicolas Berg Gallery in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia from 6pm – 9pm. I shot the photography for the book, the shots you see here are the originals for the front and back covers.