Taipei Sketchbook #1

Well, technically this is number two. I drew a WIWT first on the day I went to the airport, but you might have already saw that on my artist page, or my regular Facebook, so I will save it for a little later…

So… TAIPEI! I went for two weeks to visit close friends of mine, it was awesome.

I find that I try too hard in sketchbooks. They should be fun, and mistakes make sense. My good friend Patch says sketchbooks are like an art gym where you build strength. I took a different approach with this trip and decided to just draw random doodles relating to things I saw or things that happened including funny stories, weird foods, and beautiful sites. It was a lot less pressure than trying to draw a beautifully detailed landscape. It felt more like a journal this time. I take a lot of this inspiration from my friends in the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society as well as cartoonists like Gemma Correll and Tom Gauld (I like labeling things!!). Anyway, I am rambling.

Above is a drawing inside an independent coffee shop I found.


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