A Coat of Arms


Hello everyone! Above is an illustrated piece I put together for the Scottish band, The Last Battle (check them out!). If you did not know already, I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for just over a year for grad school (2005/6).

Scott (the lead singer) and I have been friends since my residence in Edinburgh (interesting story), and he and I always threw around the idea of me illustrating something for the band. This was my first commercial collaboration, so it was a learning process (I think, for both of us), but the end result is something I am quite proud of. I know that Leith is at the core of The Last Battle, so I tried to refer to Leith a lot in my imagery – you can see elements of the Leith coat of arms as well as some Leith landmarks. Scott gave me a bunch of photographs of current and former band members, and friends. Drawing the portraits was actually quite fun (I have to say it is much easier to draw someone you know). I also included imagery that refers to specific songs on the album. I feel like the illustration became a coat of arms in its own right. It has many layers, and I think because of that it is quite nostalgic.

The image above is without the final text and the band logo. You can see that here, and the illustration is on a t-shirt!


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