Art & Libraries

An artist is used to reference. Models, landscapes, period clothing, patterns, expressions – we cut and paste pieces of what surrounds us into what we make. Libraries are a hub for this kind of material and recently, The Library Company of Philadelphia decided to take advantage of its employee talent.

What I like to call a bit “Biblio-creativity” is a display of art inspired by the collection created by myself (Digitization Tech), Andrea Krupp (Conservator), Alice Austin (Conservator), Arielle Middleman (Cataloging Assistant), Edith Mulhern (Reference Assistant), and Jennifer Rosner (Chief of Conservation). The exhibit showcases the source of inspiration alongside artistic pieces.

Below (and above) is a selection of photographs I took of the exhibit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you happen to be free before the end of February stop in and take a gander. Also the main exhibit, Capitalism by Gaslight is superb.

Library Company of Philadelphia
1314 Locust Street
Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri, 9AM – 4:45PM


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